Support Your Multilingual Learners With Our Vocabulary Slideshow

By Lauren Salisbury
November 12, 2021

If you haven’t tried our vocabulary slideshows yet, now is the perfect time. Each slide in a vocabulary slideshow contains one word along with a student-friendly definition, example sentences, and a photo or video to support understanding. Each word and definition can also be heard pronounced aloud. Just press the blue button. 

Each issue of the magazine comes with one vocabulary slidehshow, which is located in the Resources Tab. Share the slideshow with students before reading the article to prepare them for the complex words and concepts they will encounter. Ready to get started? Try the vocabulary slideshow for the paired texts “Vampires of the Deep.”


  • Print the slides out to use as word wall images.
  • Have students listen to the audio and repeat the words aloud multiple times.
  • Differentiation: Have students view just an image and infer the meaning of the word.

Don’t miss the vocabulary activity!

The vocabulary slides are followed by an engaging activity that reinforces understanding and gives students practice using each word in context. You can use this with individual students, in small groups, or as a great whole-class activity.

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