Using the Family Letter

We realize how vital the school-to-home connection is, and our goal is to make it easier for you to build that connection, so we’ve created letters for you to share with your students' families. These letters introduce parents to Scope, and provide simple tips for sharing the joy of reading with their child. 

The Family Letter is written especially to encourage children and parents to read and talk about Scope together. Every letter gives simple discussion starters for three features in the issue. It also provides an easy way to send home your classroom password, so families can read the digital issue.

You’ll find a Family Letter link here.

There are several ways you can share the letter with families:

  • Download the PDF and attach it to an email
  • Post it on a class webpage
  • Upload the PDF to Google Classroom
  • Copy the link to the PDF and paste it into a post on Google Classroom or another learning management system
  • Copy and paste the text of the letter into an email or text message
  • If you are still in school, photocopy it to send home with students