Supporting Multilingual Learners

Check out these Scope features designed to support language and literacy development.

Spanish-language versions of our narrative nonfiction feature, available with every issue.

Audio read-alouds of every article, story, and poem—often read by the author or poet.

Vocabulary slideshows: Each slide contains one word, an audio pronunciation, a student-friendly definition, example sentences, and a photo or video to support understanding. The vocabulary slides are followed by an engaging activity that reinforces understanding and gives students an opportunity to practice using each word in context. 

Text-to-speech is available in addition to our audio read-aloud feature. When using Text-to-Speech, students have a story read aloud to them by an automated voice while they follow along in the digital version of the story. Students can control the speed of the reading, and each word is highlighted as it is read. 

Leveled texts: A lower-Lexile version of the Narrative Nonfiction feature is available online, as is a lower-level version of the Debate/Scavenger Hunt. 

Scaffolded skill builders: Many of Scope’s activities come on two levels: one with more scaffolding and one with less. (Scaffolding includes graphic organizers, sentence frames, and modeling.)

Family letters help forge a strong home-to-school connection and provide simple tips for parents to share the joy of reading with their children. Spanish translation of each month’s family letter is available.

Support materials that elicit and build background knowledge, such as “Background Builder” slideshows, KWL charts, anticipation guides, “Story Talks,” videos, and more.